Agenda of Events „For the Right To Choose” – Atheist Days 2017

For right to choose
and for freedom from religion



18.00  Crux Cafe, Hoża 51 st.

Discussion meeting "The Unholy Church"– collaboration, pedophilia, financial scandals and the Polish road to secularism.

Event held on the eve of the Atheist Days 2017, open to all people opposing the clericalization of public life in Poland. Supporters of secularism are warmly welcome, regardless of their religion or lack thereof.

Speakers: Anna Dryjańska (Watykanizacja), Izabela Jaszczurowska (, Łukasz Piotrowicz (Tygodnik Faktycznie), Bożena Przyłuska (Konferencja Episkopatu Polek), Piotr Szumlewicz (EIC Bez Dogmatu).




Welcome Cocktail, Palace of Culture and Sciences, Bar floor zero


Opening of the Conference "For right to choose and for freedom from religion"

Thematic block 1: For free thought. Religions and democracy 

18.30 – Panel 1: Freedom of conscience, media, science, art, education: Jean-Marc Schiappa (FNLP/IRELP France), Michael Nugent (Atheist Ireland), Adam Cioch (EIC Tygodnik Faktycznie), prof. Paweł‚ Golik (Biology Department, Warsaw University), Ewa Skibińska (Theater expert), Bożena Przyłuska (Project "Secular School").
Chair: Wojciech Maziarski (Gazeta Wyborcza)

19.30 – Panel 2: Blasphemy, apostasy, secularism, atheism: Philippe Besson (FNLP, France), Lone Ree Milkær (Danish Humanist Society), Grażyna Juszczyk (atheist activist), Gauthier Ngumbu (FNLP, France/Congo), David Rand (AF Canada, AILP).
Chair: Nina Sankari (KLF)

20.30 – Speech of Maryam Namazie (Council of Ex-Muslims, One Law for All, Great Britain) 

20.45 – Discussion



10.0011.45 Palace of Culture and Sciences, Rudniew Hall, 4th floor

Thematic block 2: Freedom to decide about one’s own death. Religions and euthanasia

10.00 – Screening of CAL/CLAV (Belgium) documentary "Living with euthanasia"

10.30 – Panel 3: Different aspects of the right to a good death. Jean-Luc Romero (ADMD France), prof. Monika Płatek (Warsaw University, Poland), Micheline Claes (ADMD Belgium), red. Marcin Celiński (Liberte!), Dr. Marcin Walter (specialist in internal medicine and geriatrics).
Chair: Justyna Grabowska (KLF)

11.20   Discussion

11.45Lunch break



March of Atheists and historical reconstruction of Kazimierz Łyszczyński execution

From the Copernicus Monument to the Old Town Market Place.


16.0018.00 Palace of Culture and Sciences, Rudniew Hall, 4th floor

Thematic block 3: Freedom to decide about one's own life. Women's and LGBTQ human rights vs. religion

16.00 – Panel 4: The awakening of women. New struggle for the right to abortion and to the autodetermination. Jane Donnelly (Atheist Ireland), Maryam Namazie (Ex-Muslims Council, Great Britain), Carine Delahaie (Femmes Solidaires, Clara Magazine, France), Christine Besson (FNLP France), Marta Lempart (International/Polish Women Strike). Chair: Wanda Nowicka

17.00LGBTQ human rights vs. religion: David Rand (Atheist Freethinkers, Canada) and Anna Grodzka (Politician/media expert, Poland)





Atheist Gala Dinner with the Atheist of the Year 2017 Award Ceremony



10.00 – 13.30 PaństwoMiasto Cafe, Andersa 29 st.

We the atheists: Kazimierz Łyszczyński and his legacy 

10.00 – Panel 5: "We the atheists": Kazimierz Łyszczyński and Kazimierz Lyszczynski Foundation: Marek Łukaszewicz (President of the Kazimierz Lyszczynski Foundation), Nina Sankari (VP KLF), Justyna Grabowska (board member KLF)

11.00 – Panel 6: "Why atheism?": David Rand (Atheist Freethinkers, Canada), Izabela Jaszczurowska (, Katarzyna Żmijska (UAAR, Italy), Marcin Łysuniec (Atheist Association). Chair: Justyna Grabowska (KLF)

12.00 – Discussion

13.30 Closing


Fundacja im. Kazimierza Łyszczyńskiego
IBAN: PL 25 1750 0012 0000 0000 2355 0865

Payment title: Full Registration (200 or 250 euro) or Limited registration (50 euro)

Contact:, tel. +48 501518757

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