Our Foundation is named after Kazimierz Lyszczynski (1643–1689) also known as Casimir Liszinski – Polish philosopher. He was tortured and cruelly executed for his atheism. In the treatise De non existentia Dei he asserted that God, being “a creation of a Man”, does not exist and that “Religion was constituted by people without religion” with the aim of oppressing simple people.

Kazimierz Lyszczynski Foundation (KLF) organizes and supports campaigns and actions:

  • International Days of Atheism in Warsaw (end March)
  • Atheists Summer Gatherings (mid-August)
  • Atheist Picnics (May/June)
  • Secular School campaign (the citizens’ initiative)
  • Let’s Save Women (the citizens’ initiative)

Our Foundation is dedicated to

  • defending freedoms of thought, expression and conscience, incl. in media, science and art,
  • fighting for secular state, especially for secular education,
  • promoting the worldview based on rational reason, scientific evidence and secular ethics,
  • favoring growth of atheist communities in Poland and their cooperation with atheist organizations over the world.